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Programs and Services

We help children with I/DD reach their full potential

Educational Support

The Global Brain Foundation provides educational support to children with I/DD, including tutoring, assistive technology, and other resources to help them succeed in school.

Respite Care

We offer respite care services to help families of children with I/DD take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. These services include in-home respite care, respite camps, and other forms of support.

Therapy and Counseling

The Global Brain Foundation offers therapy and counseling services to help children with I/DD and their families manage their emotions, behaviors, and relationships. These services include individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.

Support Groups

We offer support groups for families of children with I/DD to connect with others who are facing similar challenges. These groups provide a space for families to share their experiences, offer support to one another, and access resources and information.

Recreational Activities

The Global Brain Foundation offers recreational activities for children with I/DD and their families, such as sports, art, music, and other activities that can help build friendships and social skills.


We provide advocacy support to families of children with I/DD to help them navigate the complex systems that serve individuals with disabilities. This includes assistance with securing benefits, accessing services, and advocating for their rights.

There Is Something for Everyone

GBF is committed to supporting children with I/DD and their families by providing a range of programs and services that meet their unique needs and help them reach their full potential. 

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