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Nutrition Education

We teach your child about healthy eating

habits to support their overall well-being  

Our nutrition education and support program is specifically designed for children with I/DD, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We understand the unique challenges and considerations that come with I/DD, and our program is tailored to address these issues directly.


Children with I/DD benefit from our nutrition education by helping them understand the concepts and principles of healthy eating. This includes one-on-one tutoring sessions or small group instruction with a trained nutrition educator.

Assistive Technology

We provide assistive technology, such as adaptive equipment or computer programs, to help children with I/DD learn about nutrition. For example, children may be able to use touch screens or other assistive devices to access nutrition education resources and games that can help them learn about healthy eating in a fun and engaging way.

Other Resources

We also provide books, videos, and online resources that can help your child improve their nutrition. These resources can be tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the child, and may include materials in different formats, such as audio, braille, or large print, to accommodate different learning styles and abilities.

Improving families

one child at a time

Overall, the goal of the Global Brain Foundation's nutrition educational support is to help children with I/DD develop the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy eating choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From learning about different types of foods, the importance of balanced meals, and how to read nutrition labels, we provide immediate access to quality nutrition education, and improve lives in the process!

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